Palatine singer and songwriter, Lisa Medina, will release her debut album June 7 at Hey Nonny in Arlington Heights — and already the show is sold out.

Lisa Medina performing

Medina started writing songs in her 20s, and began performing as a solo artist and with Chicago area bands. She later toured with a Grammy-nominated Latin big band. When she and her husband, Palatine High School Principal Tony Medina, had their first child 13 years ago, she took a break from performing.

Now, Medina is back — and just in time for Mother’s Day.

“It feels like a dream that after all this time, I have a debut album being released this month on May 31st,” Medina says. “The album, titled, Wishes, most definitely blossomed from my experiences as a mom and a daughter.”

Medina at the recording studio with her mother, Elaine

The first single from the album came out this week and is called A Mother’s Love.

“It has a special story.,” Medina says. “I wrote it for my Mom a few years ago for Mother’s Day. I was thinking about my grandmother, whom I never got to meet. My mom was just 16 when her mother passed away of cancer. I never know what to do for Mother’s Day, so I decided I wanted to thank my mom in a song for all the sacrifices she made, and for the legacy of her beautiful, caring and dedicated mother.”




Medina says the song is about carrying on the values, traits and spirit of loved ones, long after they are gone. It’s not sad but is sung as a tender ballad, with special guest artists: her mother, Elaine Pellegrinetti, and her 11-year old daughter, Juliana, sing backup vocals on the recording.

Medina and her husband, Palatine High School Principal Tony Medina, with their three children

It turns out the timing was bittersweet. Days after making the recording together, Pellegrinetti was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. “Suddenly having her voice, singing along with my daughter and me, seemed like the most priceless gift,” Medina says.

Thankfully, her mother made a full recovery and she, along with Medina and Juliana are enjoying the response to the single and anticipation for the upcoming album.

“It is my sincere wish,” Medina says, “that it touches the hearts of many moms and daughters this Mother’s Day week.”


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