The Arlington Heights Community Prayer Breakfast drew a packed crowd Thursday morning to the Double Tree by Hilton Chicago Hotel. The big draw was hearing from the featured speaker, soccer star Brian McBride, who has set national and international records, and all before returning to Arlington Heights to raise his family and give back.

Br. Peter Lamick shares the invocation.

But the morning opened with another Arlington Heights native, Br. Peter Lamick, CSV, who shared the invocation before breakfast. He, too, grew up in the village and attended Saint Viator High School and Benedictine University before returning to Arlington Heights, to join the Clerics of St. Viator as a religious brother.

In his eight years since professing first vows, Br. Lamick has taught history and religion, and coached football, basketball and even bass fishing at Saint Viator High School and Cristo Rey St. Viator in Las Vegas. He also has appeared in podcasts, spoken at conferences and organized retreats. But addressing a room filled with business leaders and elected officials was a first.

“Personally, it’s a real privilege,” Br. Lamick said, “because I have lived in Arlington Heights for 30 years.”

In his two-minute invocation, he called on community leaders to be humble listeners and servant leaders, who “have the courage to get it right — rather than be right.”

“Inspire us to have courage to cross boundaries — cultural, racial, religion, geographic — to build relationships that foster hospitality and inclusivity,” he said. “Inspire us to live with open hearts and hands, ready to serve those in need, especially those who are often considered of little importance in our society.”

Soccer star, Brian McBride, addresses the crowd.

By contrast, McBride’s address was a personal story, of the sacrifices his single mother made in raising her three children, of lessons learned on the playground field, and overcoming obstacles and injuries in his professional life. Yet in recounting his highlights, he remembered the important people who influenced him and the power of his faith, which grounded him.

“What I’ve learned is to be determined,” he said in closing. “Be open to allowing people into your life, who may be able to give you a different perspective and guidance. Stay determined and focused, while you continue to learn throughout your journey.”


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